Do You Have Money To Burn?! I'm Undecided About This Menorah ? Thoughts...

This is for the mad Scientist! 

Communicating Vessels Menorah - $2,850 by StudioArmadillo from Givaataim, Israel.

Science meets tradition in this limited edition of 8 (maybe a good thing depending on your point of view) ...reinforced glass Hanukkah Menorah.  A glass laboratory production, this experimental piece  (not too experimental I hope) is handmade and comes with 44 glass capsules filled with coloured oil for an 8 days Hanukkah Holiday. Hooray it's over in 8 days!  The kit also includes a reinforced glass funnel to fill water in the menorah, and other kinds of oils, like olive oil.  Err why?!  It's not a dip?! 

You can use your imagination and use your own food colouring. Cool! ... Filling and preparing the menorah expands the ceremony, literally reinventing the ritual.  Very interactive and novel!  How nice!

2 weeks lead time, shipped directly from StudioArmadillo in Givaataim, Israel. Dimensions: H 9.2 Inches x W 5.0 Inches x L 17.2 Inches. Made in Israel. Includes hand-blown  44 glass capsules, 1 glass funnel and oils in a wooden case.

Happy Holidays!  There'll be no money left over for Xmas!  Actually it's quite cool, I like it - but you have to invite different people every year because its a one-off wow factor!  Familiarity breeds contempt!