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Michele Quastel, Founder of StyleENGINEERED


Michele Quastel’s meteoric style career is a cocktail of high octane roles spanning the style industry over several decades.  All roads lead to Rome;  Style Engineering is the natural evolution, extension and amalgamation of many expansive creative roles in the UK and abroad. Cashmere Fashion Designer, Contributor to The Times, Fashion & LIfestyle Editor at Toddler World, Journalist at Juno Magazine, and Buyer for Joseph... to name a few. Michele graduated from St. Martins in Technical Drawing; Fashion & Beauty Journalism at London College of Fashion; Digital Design (Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign) at Chelsea College of Art & Design; in addition to a degree in Psychology at University of East London, and is bilingual with French.

Constantly buoyed, buzzing and awash with ideas, Michele Quastel is the Style Engineer Dynamo. With an unsurpassed zest, and often dubbed ‘The Design Mentalist', Michele has a vitality and relentless forensic approach to design, style resolutions and resourcing. Working hard to incorporate, identify and fulfil her clients personalised commissions, with flair, originality, commerciality and very often humour. 

Notwithstanding a devoted and congenial Mum of two very eclectic boys - Max and Curt; Michele's very own two wonders of the world...