StyleENGINEERED Presents Exclusive Artwork From Shelley Cassidy

StyleENGINEERED has garnered a selection of exclusive works from unique artist Shelley Cassidy.


Shelley Cassidy is the quintessential observer, armed with a fascination for recreating narratives through the medium of paint. Though now London based, Cassidy spent many years living in Los Angeles, where she was commissioned to paint a Mural at the International Airport, she worked with Sony pictures on an earth day project with the twenty eight volunteers the Company provided to help her execute the design. She has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and worked on a reality television show called Clean House. In addition to the ‘mural years’, Cassidy has had solo and group shows of her oil paintings both in London and Los Angeles.

Most recently her stunning ‘Occupy My Heart’ piece was made available on as a print for Valentine’s Day 2014 and is still available for those who want to give a loved one a gift, just because!

Magic Of London StyleENGINEERED With Shelley Cassidy - SOLD*

 "There is something about Portobello that continues to inspire; perhaps it is the pulsating energy of all of those narratives begging to be told? I'm not quite sure what the underlying attraction is, but I do know that the process of creating a new painting is both exhilarating and daunting all at once. It begins with a sketchbook and a pencil. "  Shelley Cassidy


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Smart space-saving utility idea... & awesome mobile phone kitchen worktop charger...

'Blind Faith’ StyleENGINEERED World Map - WIN AWARDS ’14 - World Interiors - Category Interior Accessories

Dreaming Creatively...

A dramatic, practical and beautiful window blind ideal for either the seasoned explorer... right through to the smallest adventurer, a child's bedroom or school room. Vivid, colourful and clear, lovers of geography from all over the globe will clearly be able to map out their destinations, and check on their capital cities.

Have you ever noticed how people from all corners of the world are always drawn to maps? Maybe we want to know where we come from, or where we are going? Either way... for sure, the world is getting smaller. Blinds that are sure to broaden your horizons, with you stirring at dawn with the sun setting in Santiago, to dusk dimming in Denmark.

Did the earth move for you?

Materials: Laminated cotton canvas with a choice of ball chain side winders. Blackout or  non-blackout option available. Minimal maintenance is required. Price subject to window size and on application.